Basic Terms

  1. Generally, all lots will start at $10 with no reserve.  Consignor’s reserve requests must be requested at the time of shipment.
  2. Consignor will provide a clear title with each auction with each package shipment.
  3. A commission rate commensurate with your tier (see below definition) will apply, between 5 and 15%.  All actual final item bid prices (before seller premium) resulting in less than $50 will have a standard $5 fee.  A $5 minimum fee for each item regardless of sales price.
  4. CWorld has full discretion in assigning commission tier levels based on the above definitions at any time.
  5. Proceeds from the auctions will be paid within 7 calendar days of auction payment.  Meaning the time the buyer completes the transaction.
  6. All items that get returned or does not get paid will be re-auctioned.
  7. If applicable, consignor agrees to pay all authentication at our wholesale cost.  The fees will be automatically discounted in the initial consignment check.
  8. Consignment items may be withdrawn from auction prior to auction end.
  9. Consigner is responsible for the cost of returned items.  CWorld had final authority on returned items.  Returned, non-defect items will be re-auctioned.
  10. The consignor agrees to reimburse CWorld Auctions for any attorneys’ fees and costs associated in the unlikely event any legal claim or action pertaining to the cosigned items occurs.

About Cosigner Tier Levels: Rookie, Journeyman, Grizzled Veteran.

About Cosigner Tier Levels:  – Rookie, Journeyman, Grizzled Veteran.


Rookie - 15% consignment.  For the sporadic user with a few items a month averaging less than $1,000.  15% commission rate, $5 minimum for items selling less than $50.  No commitment.

Journeyman - 10% consignment.  For the standard user with monthly, regular packages.  10% commission rate, $5 minimum for items selling less than $50.  Monthly commitment.

Grizzled Veteran - 5% consignment rate.  Must submit at least 100 items per month.  5% commission rate, $5 minimum for items selling less than $50.  100 items or more each month.